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Conference Center


Q. How many people does the conference center accommodate?
A. The conference center seats 32, and the attached Heggen room seats 18.

Q. What equipment does the conference center include?
A. LCD projection screen; high definition TV; high definition VCR; overflow broadcasting; PC computer with 100 meg Internet service, DVD video player for high quality video playback; S-VHS Player for tape video playback; digital visualizer allows the direct presentation of printed material in a high-resolution format; 35mm slide-to-video converter for projection of slides and for use in videoconferences; connections for presenter’s laptop computer (Mac and Windows); microphone for presenter and audience. Also equipped for video conferencing.

Q. Who is eligible to use the conference center?
A. The conference center is used by faculty, staff and student groups on a regular basis. Outside university groups may request to use the conference center for a communications/journalism related event or as part of a co-sponsorship with the School of Journalism and/or the Minnesota Journalism Center.

Q. Who do I contact to use the conference center or request a co-sponsorship?
A. Please call 612-626-1723 or e-mail the Minnesota Journalism Center

Q. Do you allow catering?
A. Yes, the conference center is equipped with a catering kitchen and allows any licensed catering company.


Past Partners

American Press Institute
Asian American Journalists Association
Communicator’s Forum
Consortium for the Studies of the Asias
Eric Black, journalist
Federal Reserve Bank
Investigative Editors and Reporters
Korean Press Association
Maggie Mahar, author of Money Driven Medicine
Paul Rusesabagina, author of An Ordinary Man
Mark Schuller, producer of POTO MITAN
Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times
Minnesota High School Press Association
Minnesota Magazine and Publications Association
Minnesota Newspaper Association
Minnesota Newspaper Photographer’s Association
Minnesota Public Radio
Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting
National Association of Television Program Executives
National Television Academy
Newspaper Guild
Newspaper Next
Online News Association
Society of News Design
Society of Professional Journalists
Star Tribune
Poynter Institute
University of St. Thomas 360 Career and Education Fair
U.S. State Department Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists